Mercury Western Net

Amateur Radio Emergency Communications


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Net Purpose

To prepare radio amateurs for communications in the event of an emergency and to provide those with a common interest an opportunity to meet.


Emergency Protocol

If an event (Earthquake, Flood, Fire, Tornado, etc.) occurs in the area serviced by our net, and your home and family are secure, net members should monitor our Net Frequency (7.208 MHz +/- 5 KHz) for a 30 minute period several times during the day for emergency traffic, announcing your availability and willingness to handle traffic into or out of the effected area.


Net Schedule

Saturday mornings at 8:30am Mountain Time on 7.208 MHz.

Net Rollcall begins at the top of the alphabet (A thru Z—callsign suffix) on the first, third & fifth weeks, and at end of the alphabet (Z thru A) on the fourth & fourth weeks.


Net Protocol

Our Net takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

If you need to be excused from a future Net Rollcall please advise any of the NCSs and they will accept your request.

The NCS pauses the Net midway through the rollcall, and at the end of rollcall to checkin, via “relay”, any late member stations, or member stations unable to hear the NCS during the Net Rollcall.



A new station that checks into the Net three (3) times in a calendar month, or four (4) consecutive times will be placed on the Net rollcall the following month.